Power Berry Smoothie

This is easily one of my favorite smoothies. It’s sweet and tart with a kick from the ginger. I will often drink it after or between classes to give me a boost and get me ready for whatever comes next.

BLACKBERRIES are packed with vitamin C and are also high in fiber. They contain vitamin K, which helps power the mitochondria. Blackberries are also great for brain, heart and bone health.

BLUEBERRIES, besides being one of the most accessible ‘superfoods’ on the market, are a great way to thicken up any smoothie blend. In fact, if you’re not careful the whole thing will turn into one gelatinous mess. Thickness aside, blueberries are anti-inflammatory and are packed with antioxidants.

RASPBERRIES are what I use to add the color and ‘tartness’ to this smoothie. Without them, the blueberries and the blackberries would take over (and turn everything into a dark purple mass), and the resulting taste would be rather flat and too sweet. Plus, omega-3 fatty acids in raspberries can help prevent stroke and heart disease. They also contain a mineral called manganese, which is necessary for healthy bones and skin, and helps regulate blood sugar.

STRAWBERRIES also help to add color and body to the overall flavor of this smoothie. Strawberries contain magnesium and phosphorous, which helps to maintain energy, regulated digestion and combat fatigue.

BANANAS are not officially listed, but I add a three (Thai variety) if I have them on hand. I prefer Thai bananas because of the taste. They tend to be less starchy and taste almost floral with a hint of sweetness.

GINGER is something that I add to just about every smoothie. In addition to anti-inflammatory, it helps with digestion and settles my body and mind. It also gives this smoothie a lovely little lift and makes it that much more enjoyable.

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