Lilac Dreams

While everyone is dreaming up new ways to wear the PANTONE color of the year (Viva Magenta), I’m leaning toward the more delicate shade of lilac. I do love the idea of magenta, but only on my lips. Beyond Lisa Eldridge’s Velvet and Gloss in Myth, I’m not pressed to pull such a shade out and wear it. I just don’t care for heavy swaths of color on my face anymore. I’d love to say it’s because of my age, but it’s likely because I lack the time or occasion to play in makeup the way I once did. So this season, it’s lilac for me. Done right, the color can light up a warmer skin tone like mine without going ashy. It’s all in the formulation and the application.

The good news is, there are plenty of lilac shades to choose from, from a wide range of companies. The formulas that I’ve found most compatible for my tastes come from Suqqu, Decorté, Shiseido, and Hindash.

Decorté makes a lovely cream blush in lilac (PU150) that works very well on my warm skin. I can apply with fingers for a warmer and more natural finish, or with a brush to layer it and make it stand out. I’m not normally a fan of cream blushes, but this formula applies without disturbing foundation, and dries down to an almost powdery finish. It’s also non-irritating on my reactive skin, and wears for hours without fading.

Suqqu released the new Treatment Wrapping Lip, with a limited shade in a clear purple, which looks more like lilac in reality. Normally I would never go for a lilac colored lip gloss. I have the Fenty Cream Gloss in Mauve Wives, and I rarely reach for it. But the Suqqu shade pulls warm, and actually complements my skin tone. The longer I wear it, the warmer it gets. I love this new formula. It’s not sticky and actually lasts in terms of shine and pigment. But because the shade is limited, it sold out rather quickly. So if you’re looking for a decent dupe, Shiseido has you covered.

Shiseido Colorgel Lip Balm in 114 Lilac is a bit more true to the shade, but it can be sheered out to flatter a wide range of skin tones. It works best for me applied first form the bullet, then sheered out with my fingers. I’m not sure why they call this a lip balm because it is not very moisturizing. It worked best for me with a bit of actual lip balm underneath to keep my situation hydrated for the duration of wear.

Hindash Monochromance Gradient Palette contains a gorgeous lilac color that can be customized for your eyes and cheeks. Anti-dote goes from pale lavender to medium purple. Because the palette is made of pressed pigments, it’s possible to mix the gradient (and even add a little pink to warm it up) and create your personalized and perfect shade of a lilac flush.

These products will effortlessly carry me through spring and into summer. They’re quick and easy to use, and they flatter without too much effort. These days, that’s the bar for how often I’ll reach for any given makeup product, and these pass the test with (literal) flying colors.

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