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Once upon a time, I had more makeup than any human should own in a single lifetime. While some of it was used for professional purposes, most of it was just the result of trying to be first to score the latest launch of some brand, and eventually ended up collecting dust. When I purged my makeup collection, I gave away most of it, and literally put the rest on the curb with a big sign that read FREE. It was gone in about 10 minutes. In all, I estimate that I purged hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of product. I know. It’s gross.

These days, my makeup doesn’t require a ton of products or expertise. I like to look like me, with a flush of color. My world is a fairly natural one: mostly fresh air and exercise. I have no need to pile on a ton of makeup to teach or train clients, or even teach teachers when I run professional trainings. My goal is always to look polished. And now that I’ve managed to clear my skin (which was probably hampered in the past by the amount of makeup I wore), looking polished is easier than ever.

My favorite ‘5 minute face’ always involves the same kinds of products:

Foundation or tinted moisturizer * loose powder * cheek color * eye color (sometimes the same as the cheek color) * brow product * mascara * lip color

The brand of product I use depends on the occasion. Most o the time, I prefer a product that does more than one thing, like a base with SPF or a eye/cheek/lip color. I’m I’m REALLY in a hurry, then I want the product to also double as skin care. So I will literally clean my face and immediately start applying whatever the makeup look is.

VIEVE Skin Nova has become something that I reach for every single time. I’m on my third tube, which is unheard of with me and makeup products. If I’m pressed for time, this serves as a hydrator and a glow enhancer, and primes my skin perfectly for the next step.

It pairs beautifully with DRMTLGY universal tinted moisturizer, because there’s almost no ‘tint’ to this product. It does contain SPF and it gives my skin a nice glow, which further enhances the Skin Nova. Both of them work to blur imperfections with the sheerest coverage, and the result just looks like my skin on its best day. The best part of this product is that although it contains zinc oxide, there is no flashback. And it really is universal. This stuff works on everyone from super pale to super dark. I have no idea how they did it, but I appreciate their efforts.

I’ll typically blot down with a dusting of By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra powder. I still love the original formula. I had the tinted versions but almost never used them. The OG formula, although white, doesn’t cause any flashback on my skin, and is weightless. It sets my skin without leaving it looking powdered and overdone.

Chanel apparently got the memo on how attractive speedy makeup application can be, and released two face palettes (Les 4 Rouges Yeux Et Joues) that can actually be worn across a spectrum of skin tones. I have the lighter one (957 Tendresse) because I wanted a neutral brown color. Plus, I don’t care for the berry/reddish tones in the darker palette. I like the beige shade for my lids because it neutralizes the area without looking like I have makeup on. I use the peach shade as a blush. I will only go for the darker shade or the highlighter if I’m doing something more involved. For a five minute face, it’s super convenient to only have to use one palette for both eyes in cheeks in a way that is actually practical (most face palettes from any brands are too involved and often you have to rely on outside products to complete them). This palette is limited edition (which is annoying), but I don’t wear makeup often enough these days to be too stressed out about hitting pan anytime soon.

For brows, I run the Tom Ford brow fiber gel in Espresso (I found the darker color, Granite, makes me look ‘made up’ and that’s not what I’m going for) through the hairs and let them set on their own. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve purchased this product. It will always be a staple.

Lips vary from mood to mood, but the product I use more than anything is Lisa Eldridge gloss in Muse. I’m on my third tube. I even keep a tube in my gym bag to apply just before I teach a class or train a client. It’s deeply hydrating and the color is perfectly complementary to my skin tone without looking like too much.

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