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Hair health is extremely important to me. In fact, if you’ve been in my orbit for any amount of time, you’d know that several years ago, Habibi Body offered a few hair care products. We ended up pulling them for several reasons. One was because we hadn’t quite nailed the natural preservative ratio. And the other was because I didn’t feel that they were potent enough to compete on the open market.

Products aside, one thing I am very passionate about is hair tools. Like hair care formulas, I’m only interested in tools that maintain and advance the health of my hair. I haven’t used traditional hair tools or accessories that you can procure at your local department store since college; even when the world was going gaga over Mason Pearson (look how I just dated myself), I was searching for new and more effective ways to nurture my crown.

I discovered wooden hair care tools quite by accident; one was sent to me as a ‘gift with purchase’ from a hair care company. I didn’t really think the comb would be that effective, but I was quickly proven wrong. It worked on wet hair and dry hair! It glided through tangles without snagging or pulling hairs out from the roots or breaking them. I started using it to comb through conditioner in my wet hair, and to comb out tangles when my hair was dry. I was hooked.

My search for wooden hair care tools took me to Tan Mujiang, and I have firmly planted myself in their world. Because I now understand the efficacy of wooden hair care tools, I can peruse their selections with an understanding of not just the function of the tools, but the specific function of the materials they use. From rosewood to chacate preto, each tool is designed to help you make the most of your hair care. They even have a full breakdown of the woods they use and what each variety can do for your scalp and hair care.

I am a particular fan of their inserted teeth combs and brushes. I find that they detangle my hair with little to no effort (my hair type is 3c), and the teeth give my scalp a lovely massage. I can use them on wet and dry hair, and because I use a oil in my hair for moisture, I find that I also conditions the wood and makes it all the more beautiful and a pleasure to use. The mixed media brushes also do wonders for de-tangling and actually conditioning my hair (by distributing natural oils from scalp to tip). I have also found them easy to use on both and wet and dry hair.

The latest addition to my collection is the Rosewood Inserted Teeth Round Brush. I’ve never owned a brush like this before. It has a loop on the handle for you to insert your middle finger, and works as both a brush and an exquisite scalp massager. The teeth of this brush were inserted by hand (which explains the price point), and help detangle my hair in the most effortless way. To say I’m impressed with this unusual hair tool is an understatement.

They recently released a matching Rosewood comb. That’s next on my list.

Although some of their tools are pricey, I assure you they are well worth it. The craftsmanship is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered. You can tell that they take pride in their work. Plus, their customer service is amazing. One of my orders was split in a shipment, and I thought something had gone wrong. They looked after me from my first inquiry, and checked back in with me once the product was delivered. They are kind and conscientious, and that goes a long way for me as a customer. I’m loyal to brands who look after me. I practice this with my own business, and look for it in all of the places that I patronize.

I love this brand. Tan Mujiang was kind enough to offer a discount to anyone who buys from them through my social media. The code is SHAHADA for 5% off! Thank you for reading this far to get to the discount. Happy Shopping!

*some item(s) in this post were gifted by the company for review. All opinions are my own, and have not been guided or coerced in any way.

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