Skin Saviors: The Oils

I am a huge fan of oils. I use them from head to toe (literally) and swap out different oils based on the seasons and my personal needs. Some of them (like avocado oil) are heavier and perfect for the wintertime, while others (like kalahari melon) are lighter and absorb more easily and help harmonize my skin during the warmer months.

No matter how many times I mix and match oil types, there are three that remain constant. I use them in my hair, on my face, and all over my body.


I have been using amla oil since I was a child. My mom used to buy giant bottle of the stuff from our local halal market. I was dark green and scented to high heaven, but we used it diligently with a combination of mustard oil and neem oil. These days, I’ve traded the perfumed stuff for the organic cold pressed variety, which has a very slight herbal scent and runs more clear than not.


This is one of those oils I started using once I hit my lat 30’s. Evening primose is known to hydrate and tighten skin, and I’ve also been told it helps with hormonal balance. Since I hit peri-menopause early (45), I’m down for anything that will help keep my hormones in harmony. So I use it on my face and I also cook with it.


This is another oil that remains non-negotiable in my skin care regimen. Because of its high content of Vitamin A, rosehip seed oil helps to lift and tighten skin, and keep it clear of blemishes. I started out using this oil on my face, but have since moved to using it on my entire body. It helps keep me looking toned and smooth from head to toe.

I’ll either use these oils alone or combined with a mix of essential and other carrier oils (walnut for hair, rose otto for face, and frankincense and myrrh for body) as time and mood dictate. Although I sell specifically nature-derived scented products through Habibi Bath & Body, I am a personal fan of either no scent or the lightest herbal or woody scent as a natural byproduct of the ingredients. One reason is that I like the option of layering my favorite perfumes without worrying about the scent clashing with my skin care. The other is that I’m pretty fickle when it comes to scent (because I match it with my mood), and honestly there are days when I’d rather smell like nothing but my natural clean self.

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