Athletic Propulsion Labs (Techloom Bliss)

Something you should know about me: when I find something that I love, I’m hard pressed to stray away from it. This fact might be best evidenced by the fact that I have not worn another brand in sneaker (trainer) since I discovered Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) in 2017.

It began as a search for a sneaker that was durable enough for me to workout in (especially with HIIT or dance), but comfortable enough for me to wear anytime I felt like moving about outside of the fitness space. The biggest concern was weight. I despise heavy or bulky sneakers… I don’t care who made them. I found my first pair of APL’s on sale (the design was discontinued) and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I own a lot of different styles from this brand, but I always come back to Techloom Bliss. The reason is simple: they are the most comfortable pair of trainers I’ve ever owned. Because of their slip-on style, you don’t have to be bothered with laces (unless you’re into taking the time with that sort of thing). And although they are incredibly light, they are quite durable. Because I am a creature of habit and quite practical in nature, the pair that I’ve purchased the most has been black on black. I have a sand color that I’ll wear every blue moon, but mostly I wear the black. I’m on at least my third pair… and I’ve learned to separate my civilian trainers from the workout ones. Because when I tell you that I put them through the paces… LISTEN.

These sneakers wash and dry beautifully, and from dancing to gardening (I tore a pair up one year during an epic fight with a gopher), they come back after a wash and tumble dry just as good as new. I know that some people like to chase the latest releases of whatever when it comes to trainers… but for me, it’s APL until further notice.

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