Harvest 9 Plum Lava Face Mask

There’s nothing like a good face mask. Doesn’t matter the formula (although I get that formulas can be a matter of preference). If it works, then I’m a fan.

I discovered the Harvest 9 Plum Lava Face Mask while on the hunt for Black-owned luxury skincare products. I was putting together a list of products for the February issue of HABIBI LIFE Magazine, and it is very important that I try the items before recommending them (something that absolutely irritates my soul about today’s so-called ‘journalists.’ Some of them will simply recommend a product or service because it’s been gifted to them, which violates every kind of ethic in the profession).

I will often test a product in real time for at least 30 days (which translates into about four uses) before I make a decision. The only exception is if something is terrible out of the gate. Then I’ll only use it once or twice before discarding it as not worthy of mention. I received this mask from the company Thirteen Lune, which curates luxury products from BIPOC company owners.

The first thing you should know about this mask is that it doesn’t smell like plums. The beautiful purple hue likely comes from maqui berry (it also beet extract, although I’m not sure that has anything to do with the color), and it smells like a combination of fresh earth and herbs. While this was disappointing to the little girl in me who wanted to smell like fruit, it doesn’t detract in anyway from the performance of this mask.

It’s full of a ton of proven natural ingredients, from papaya to Birchwood extract, and actually does what it says. You apply this mask to clean skin, leave it on for 10 minutes, and rinse it off. It has a gritty texture, which gives you the option of exfoliating it off as you rinse. You’re left with extremely soft and hydrated skin. I was immediately impressed by this mask. After only one use, I could see the difference, and so could my friend Kaylene (who immediately wanted to try it for herself).

The full size of this mask is a little more than two ounces, and it retails for nearly $100. I get that’s a steep price for a face mask. Consider this: the mask is the only thing that Harvest 9 offers at the moment, and the company takes great pride in educating you about how much time, research and effort it took to create this formula. If you’re still on the fence, consider the travel version for half the price. No matter which size you choose, know that a little goes a long way. Even the smaller jar is going to last you quite a few uses.

Put me down as a fan. I’ve been using this mask weekly for a few months, and I’m not bored of it yet. Once I hit the bottom of this jar, I’ll definitely purchase a new one.

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