HABIBI Essential Bath Soak

When I first started teaching movement, I dove in head first with my primary focus on making the most of every pose and position. My excitement caused me to ignore the equally important practice of rehabilitation for your joints and muscles. It was only after I strained my right piriformis muscle, that I started paying more attention to recovery, and respect how much it could affect my performance.

One of my favorite ways to recover is with a therapeutic bath. As a product manufacturer, I do a lot of research about what is currently on the market… particularly in terms of performance and price. I began with highly expensive (and highly effective) CBD bath bombs (this was before things got legal and we ended up with a dispensary on every corner. But they could be hard to come by (for legal reasons), because many places only carried a few units and a time which quickly sold out. Once we legalized everything in this state, they became more abundant, but started to lose their efficacy. Once CBD went mainstream, the market suffered in terms of quality because every company was just looking to shit out a product and take it to market as fast as possible.

I found a few soaks that I loved and a few bath gems that I loved, but not one that did both in a way that made me feel taken care of in both the physical and the esoteric sense. So, I did what I normally do when I want something specific: I made my own.

HABIBI Essential Bath Soak combines the best of both worlds: it contains all the ingredients you need (including an optional dose of CBD) to get your muscles and joints situated, and also the best ingredients to lift, tighten and condition your skin. At my age, I’m looking to keep everything tight and toned, so I leave nothing to chance… not even in my bathtub. It also smells DIVINE. I blended a decadent mix of florals and resins to create an aromatherapy formula that helps you relax and let both your physical and your emotional tensions go. Each ingredients is designed to something for your mind, your body and your spirit. I’m extremely proud of this formula, and make no apologies for the price because it PERFORMS.

On average, I use this soak once a week… twice if I have the time. If I opt for the CBD version then I use it at night so that I have the luxury of going right to bed after. I’m so confident about this blend, that I include a sample of it with every order that’s been placed since its debut. As much as I rave about it, I understand that no one is just going to believe me unless they have the option to try it out for themselves. So far, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Most of my customers are like me (for I am, in reality, customer zero. I make what I’d buy. If I wouldn’t buy it, there’s no inclination for me to sell it), so I know they appreciate a product that puts in as much work as they do.

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