107 Microbiome Shampoo

I take special consideration with every inch of my body, and my hair is no exception. Since I was old enough to braid my own hair, I’ve been experimenting with products to make it look and feel its very best. From 2-in-1 formulations to root sprays and serums… I’ve tried it all. And price isn’t even a factor because some of the most expensive hair care products I’ve used are an absolute nightmare (like shampoo that leaves your hair like straw or a conditioner that won’t rinse out). I don’t care about cost. I just want it to work.

When I first tried 107 Scalp Purifying Microbiome Shampoo, I had my doubts. I’ve never had much luck with a clarifying formula… although I kind of need it for the amount of sweating I do on a weekly basis. No matter how many formulations promise to lift residue without stripping the hair of essential moisture, I always end up with a tangled nest that takes a good detangler and a lot of prayer to rectify. The only reason I gave this formula a shot was because I was intrigued by the ingredients. I loved the inclusion of aged vinegar (which my hair likes in a rinse) and ginseng. Plus the price point is reasonable, so I gave it a shot.

I’m so glad I did. This is sold as a purifying shampoo, but honestly it works beautifully for any purpose. I don’t even use it for clarifying, because it leaves my hair super soft no matter what. I’m on my third bottle… and a real testament to the efficacy of a product for me is in the repurchase. A little bit goes a long way, and the price is more than generous considering the performance.

So dry hair types, rejoice! There is a purifying shampoo that can actually lift the bad stuff away from your scalp and hair, and leave the good stuff intact.

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