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I don’t know about you, but I love good comfy lounging clothes. Something that moves with you and feels so good that it’s like you’re wearing nothing at all. When I left the corporate world in 2017, I dedicated a significant amount of time to living in things that made me feel truly comfortable, no matter the occasion. While some lounge-wear can go from couch to street, I prefer the things that are truly meant to wrap you in a warm embrace and add an extra layer of comfortable quiet to my world.

LUNYA is a rather expensive habit that I picked up back when I had disposable income, courtesy of CBS. And for some odd reason, it’s been nearly impossible to give up. Well not that odd, actually. They make some of the most comfortable lounge-wear I’ve ever lived in. They tend to advertise the washable silk more than any other fabric blend, but I swear by the restore pima and the modal pieces. They are cozy and light all at once, and they feel like skin. The first piece I ever purchased was The Robe, and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve even convinced my husband to gift me a few pieces (plus it takes the guesswork out of what he should get me on any given occasion) just to flesh out my wardrobe. These pieces are designed (and priced) like a special occasion treat, but it’s impossible not to wear them every day. The good news is, they wash and dry champs, so it’s quite possible to do just that.

VUORI is a little cheaper, but no less cozy. Their sets are a little better suited for casual trips outside the house (they also sell a line of active wear), but they’re still good to lounge around the house. This company hit the market with what they claimed was the most comfortable pair of sweatpants you’ll ever wear. While that’s not exactly true, they are pretty comfy in their own right. So are the rest of their pieces. If you’re curvy like me, I recommend sizing up in the bottoms. I have to say, they did not factor in humans with an actual booty when they cut those things. But I still love to lounge (and occasionally run errands) in their pieces.

I have a few random pieces from other places, but I consistently come back to these two brands. And no matter how many new fabrics or styles they introduce, I tend to stick with the basics because they work very well for me. Maybe it’s age (or maybe not), but when it comes to comfort, I’m a creature of habit.

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