Oat Flatbread

I see a lot of super simple recipes on social media, as an increasing number of people try to hack their way through the kitchen. If I’m being honest, most of these recipes could use a lot of help to actually be edible. Since I’m not a fan of shoving just any old thing in this face (I like flavor), it’s important that a recipe be accessible (ingredients that don’t require trips to the ends of the earth) but also delicious.

The ‘two ingredient’ flatbread recipes are hardly new. I mean… I understand that they’re new to a whole generation of digital creators who think they’ve invented something, but the reality is that flatbread using a simple flour and water are as old as civilization. I’m excited to see these recipes spread to a whole new generation of people, but for most of us this is a cultural norm. Most flatbread comes from some sort of flour… usually wheat. One can also use beans, and lately… oats.

The benefit of oats is that you can season it to taste however you like. Bean based flatbread does tend to taste like the bean, and if you’re gluten-free, flour is probably not for you. But oats behave like a flour flatbread without tasting like you’re eating … well… oats.

For the record, I do NOT believe in two ingredient oat flatbread. It’s incredibly bland. So I add spices to wake it up. I’m also very particular about measurements. If you look at any of the social media reels, you’ll see people encouraging you to add as much as you want for your desired consistency. Ummmmm… what does that mean? Nothing. So I measured it out and wrote a recipe. You’re welcome.

This recipe makes about 6 standard size flatbread (think your average pita). They are delicious on their own or as a wrap. Here, I wrapped them around crispy oyster mushrooms, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, olives and tzatziki. Utterly and completely delicious. I tried my best to eat both of them but my body would not allow it.

That’s okay. I’m gonna try again tomorrow.

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