Re’Juice and Rejoice!

I only have one complaint: I need these products to be more widely available! I stumbled upon Re’Juice masks while researching tamarind and its effects on the skin (I told you, I’m always in education mode with skincare and wellness in general).

Re’Juice (from the brand Ohiohoo) hails from the Republic of Korea, with just a few items available to us over here in the States. The first product I tried was their fig mask, and I fell in love. Designed to brighten and plump… it did just that. Figs contain vitamins B and C, which help brighten and protect skin. They also have anti inflammatory properties, which is key for those who have sensitive or acne-prone skin.

Because I am acne prone, I went right for the Apple Mint mask as my second purchase. It did not disappoint. Full of both apples and mint, it works to detoxify and refresh your skin without stripping or irritating it. I was hooked. I immediately went on the hunt for more.

That’s when I discovered Beet, and Rose of Jericho. Each of these masks serves a specific purpose, which I love. I can adjust my skin care routine based on the weather, stress levels or any other particular need and one of these masks fits right in.

The only one I’m on the fence about is the Tamarind, which is how this whole journey started. That’s because the tamarind formula contains shea butter, and I’m wary of putting a potentially pore- clogging ingredient on my face. It apparently works well as a sleeping pack (which I definitely would not do). Perhaps I can experiment with it as a wash off mask on the days when my skin is particularly dehydrated (yes, acne prone girls get dry skin too). We shall see. I’m also going to try the Water Brick Pack from Ohiohoo… which contains a ton of tamarind as well.

My only issue is that you have to literally hunt these down. I can find a few on Amazon, but some of them are unavailable (if anyone knows where to find the Parsley and the Blue Tansy, let a sista know!). I was able to score a couple on Coréelle, but it would be lovely to just have normal access to them without worrying about availability or shipping times.

On the upside, the containers are almost four ounces, so there’s plenty of product. Here’s hoping that by the time I get through them, I’ll be able to replenish my supply (and even add the elusive parsely and blue tansy to the lot) with some degree of ease.

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