Sunscreen Situation

I’m a bit of a sun protection fanatic. All of the bases I use typically have some sort of SPF. Part of the reason is that I don’t like to wear multiple layers of anything on my face between skincare and actual makeup. If I have to put on a layer of sunscreen in addition to whatever base I choose, there’s a good chance that I won’t be using that base.

So it stands to reason that as much as my foundation bases need to have SPF, my sunscreen should also be able to double as a base. This is mostly for those days when I’m not wearing an additional foundation (which is almost all the time. I put on makeup maybe every couple of weeks for filming or photos… but I have no need to wear it in any conscious capacity for my day to day activities).

DRMTLGY Physical Sunscreen, Satin Jane Pore Smoothing Sunscreen, DRMTLGY Universal Tinted Moisturizer, Supergoop Glow Screen

These sunscreens have been in heavy rotation since the start of the year. I like them all for different reasons.

DRMTLGY continues to impress with sunscreens that, despite their high zinc oxide content, have absolutely no flashback. I have no idea how they do it. Both the physical sunscreen and the Universal Tinted Moisturizer melt into my skin and leave a lovely glow (not to be confused with a greasy mess). I love them both. The Physical Tinted Moisturizer is a little heavier and more emollient, so I take my skin’s present needs into consideration when I choose between the two.

SAINT JANE is a new addition to my sunscreen collection, and might actually be my least favorite. Part of the reason is the formula (which you’ll see in the swatches). It arrived separated, and I figured I’d just gotten a bad batch. So I returned it for a new one, and ran into the same issue. So now I shake it up before I use it. What I do like about it is that it’s completely weightless, and it definitely has a blurring effect as advertised. I just think they need to do another pass on the formula so that it stays blended.

SUPERGOOP is an old favorite. I started using the Glow Screen back when it only came in Sunrise, the champagne color. Now, the shade Golden Hour is my go-to when I want sun protection in addition to a gorgeous glow. The formula doesn’t irritate my skin, and wears beautifully for hours until I take it off.

From the left, the swatches are Supergoop, DRMTLGY universal tinted moisturizer, DRMTLGY physical tinted moisturizer, and Saint Jane sunscreen. Even though it separates in the swatch, the Saint Jane version does smooth out beautifully. It’s got tough competition with the other three (because they are exceptional), but it still does okay with a bit more work.

I really don’t mess around about sunscreen. In addition to my age (really, who is in a rush to have leathery wrinkly skin?), I live in a state when the sun is shining more often than not. Even when it’s not shining, I put sunscreen on. Sun protection, for me, is part of life.

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