The luxury skincare item you didn’t know you needed…

Shall I hang my head in shame as I type this? No, I shall not. I shall not be swayed to feel any kind of way about the reality that… despite the fact that I have a nerd-level understanding of skincare and ingredients (not to mention that I manufacture my own)… I have nothing but praise for a particular item from the brand AMAN.

To clarify, this brand (named as part of the chain of luxury destination resorts to which it belongs), is not something that I would have previously ever considered. As a journalist, beauty editor for a lifestyle magazine, and editor in chief of my own magazine… it’s safe to say that a lot of products come across my desk. Most of them are easily ignored, or discarded for the simple fact that everyone else is talking about them and there’s no need to tell you more of what you already know. My goal in business and in life is always to educate and inform, so here I am about to tell you that one (or three) particular product(s) from AMAN is absolutely worth it: THE FACE MISTS.

I have to specify this particular product because I am, quite honestly, not a fan of most of the brand’s offerings. I don’t think they translate in real time beyond use in a spa. They simply require too many steps (and too much time) to recreate the results on your own. Some of them can also be messy to use (the scrubs wreak absolute havoc on your bathtub, not to mention your plumbing). Plus, the face moisturizers (and at least one of the masks) have shea butter pretty high on the list… which is a massive no-no for many reactive and/or acne-prone skin types.

Not these face mists though. They are superb. Every single one of them. Although they specify different uses for different skin types (Ocean for oily, Desert Dew for dry, and Rain for lackluster), they all work beautifully on my oily/acne prone skin. All of them, regardless of formulation, have a tightening effect on the skin. You only need two (maybe three) sprays to get the job done. With the exception of the Ocean, the mists smell incredible. Ocean smells faintly of algae that’s about to expire… but even with the odor, the formula performs like a champ. And honestly, I’d rather have a formula full of sea ingredients actually smell like that, instead of being covered up by some sort of added fragrance.

Now, are the prices punitive? Yes, yes they are. In fact they’ve released a skincare set (packed in heinous white containers. Why they’d deviate from this exquisite dark packaging is a complete mystery) that costs more than $1K. One other thing about that set… it’s manufactured by Kosé… which also manufactures Decorté and Tarte (yes, that Tarte). Just something to keep in mind. Anyway… please know that you are forgiven for cussing through your teeth as you navigate their wellness offerings. Honestly, had one of my colleagues not said “here try this” I might not have ever explored them further myself.

I’m sure there is commentary to be explored on accessibility and the true cost of ingredients (which someone with my level of nerd understanding can easily calculate). Despite my mixed feelings on all of it, I cannot deny the formulaic efficacy of these mists, or the incredibly exquisite (if not impractical) packaging. So I shall spray away until the last drop, and enjoy my limited brush with traditionally inaccessible luxury.

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