Habibi Growth (Hair) Oil

We stepped out… we stepped back… and we’re stepping out again. Habibi Hair care made it’s official debut on May 1st, with the release of our Essential Growth Oil. We started with an oil because while it is the easiest thing to manufacture, it is the hardest thing to prove in terms of efficacy. We wanted to do a growth oil that specifically did not contain rosemary or mint.


If there’s one thing we stand for, it’s to stand apart. It serves no purpose to use the same ingredients with the same claims and expect stand out in an incredibly saturated market packed with bigger influencers, massive star power, and limitless advertising budgets. Plus, while rosemary is a wonderful catalyst for hair growth, most of those combinations have everyone walking around smelling like a medicine cabinet. I, personally, don’t want to be mistaken for a person slathered in Ben Gay (because that’s what the smell reminds me of) after a misaligned workout. So, rosemary was an obvious ‘no’ in our final formulation.

Instead, we chose proven ingredients that have been clinically studied, measured and reported over the years… but that don’t get as much circulation as their rosemary counterparts. The primary reason is likely cost. Once a product goes into mass production, the folks at the top are typically looking to push out as much product as possible for as little money as possible. Well, we don’t have that issue. I’m at the top, and I’m more interested in what works versus how much it costs. My bottom line involves a happy (and repeat) customer who uses the oil because it works… not because it’s cheap.

And boy does it work! We took our time with the testing, and asked people to let it do its job over at least four weeks before really gauging their progress. Turns out, we didn’t even have to wait that long. Most people saw results in two weeks. We tested diligently from January-December of 2022, and got positive results every time. In 2023, we started quietly sending out samples to customers who’d purchased our hair care in the past. All of them gave feedback without prompting, and all the feedback was positive! So we are confident that we have a good thing.


-Comes in a generous 8 ounce size (most treatment serums and oils are 1-2 ounces)

-Encourages measurable hair growth. Hair has been shown to come in thicker and stronger than it would without using the oil.

-You keep the hair you grow. If you stop using it, the hair you grew will not shed and you will not return to pre-use strength and thickness (this is an issue with some of the major growth serums and brands on the market today).

The hair oil is just the first in a series of products that will be released throughout this year. In a couple of days, the Essential Hair Conditioner will make its public debut. Like the oil, we took our time formulating it and we are truly happy with the results. Soft hair… strong hair… thick hair… this is our mission. So far, so very very good.

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