Autumn Scents

I honestly thought that I’d be bored with a scented candle like Nette Pearl Dust. From the color of the vessel to the homogenized scent description, it ran the risk of being pedestrian in every possible way. Those who know me understand my rule to never buy me candles because there’s a good chance that I’ll hate the choice. But someone inevitably tries, and every now and then, they knock it out of the park. This was one of those times. I have burned this candle nearly to its end, and I fully intend to purchase another when it’s done. Despite its light color and scent description, there is a spice and sophistication to this candle, and it harmonizes perfectly with overcast days and a chilled breeze. I love to burn it and sip chai as a reminder to be still and enjoy every scented moment.

Published by Shahada Karim

Aryuvedic Nutritionist - Movement Therapist - Chef - Author

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