Thank you so much for visiting my website! Here’s an easy way to sum up my… stuff:

Journalist * Yoga Teacher * Movement Therapist * Meditation Guide * Aryuvedic Nutritionist * Chef * Author

In 2003, I founded Habibi Bath & Body: an organic skin care company. The formulations are designed to go beyond basic skin care needs, and add an element of cumulative health and wellness benefits. The goal is to help you master the art of self care in a real and sustainable way, as you endeavor to look and feel your very best.

In 2012, I began official certification studies for Hatha, Yin, Nidra, Ashtanga, and Hot Power Fusion. I continued my studies with Pilates, Barre and Weighted Yoga. I have specialized training in kinesiology, anatomy & physiology, sound therapy, sequential harmony, breath-work and meditation.

In 2017, I expanded my studies to Aryuveda, with an emphasis on nutrition. In 2018, I founded Habibi Sport to focus on specific choices and habits that keep bodies unhealthy and prone to chronic illness and disease. I developed the NOURISH program: a personalized plan to help you shift your relationship with food. I also developed The Habibi Body Technique, which employs ‘center out’ movement for a strong, lean and flexible body.

In 2020, I founded Habibi Life, a media company aimed at cultivating community across the global sphere. The goal is to help uplift, encourage and support each other by sharing real-time advice and inspiration to build a better world.

In 2021, I authored my first book: Nourish Your Life. It’s a collection of the most sustainable recipes from my NOURISH program. In 2022, I followed with SHROOMS: a cookbook dedicated to the miraculous fungi that have the ability to literally transform your body from the inside out. I am currently working on my third cookbook: THE HEARTY VEGAN. In it, we’ll dispel the myth that the only way for vegans to get hearty meals is through replacements or processed ‘food items.’

I’ve also authored two workbooks for yoga and meditation teachers: ‘Ethics in the Spiritual Space‘ and ‘The New Healer’s Handbook.’ Both were used during an extensive Vedic Meditation Teacher Training Course from May 2021-March 2022. They are currently in processing for public use.

In January 2022, I also founded HABIBI LIFE Magazine. It’s filled with information and inspiration on nutrition, movement and wellness. In August of the same year, I began the HABIBI LIFE Podcast, meant as an extension of the magazine to share practical advice and help you live an abundant life.

I’m excited to share more projects with you as they progress and get closer to reality. In the meantime, I hope you find the content on this site helpful, and I hope it guides you closer to reaching your highest and healthiest potential.

Welcome to my world.