Best Leggings for Curvy Bodies

Leggings are likely the most popular piece of athleisure across the globe. They are comfortable, easy to wear and don’t have to be used for the specific function of working out. But anyone who wears leggings can attest to the fact that they are not all created equal. If you’ve got a curvy body likeContinue reading “Best Leggings for Curvy Bodies”

Actively Black (brand overview)

Ever since I crossed over to fitness and wellness, I’ve been putting athletic and athleisure companies through the paces. I’m pretty hard on my work(out) clothes, and it’s important that they be able to withstand vigorous exercise and regular cleaning without falling apart (or holding a foul odor) over a long period of time. IContinue reading “Actively Black (brand overview)”

Athletic Propulsion Labs (Techloom Bliss)

Something you should know about me: when I find something that I love, I’m hard pressed to stray away from it. This fact might be best evidenced by the fact that I have not worn another brand in sneaker (trainer) since I discovered Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) in 2017. It began as a search forContinue reading “Athletic Propulsion Labs (Techloom Bliss)”

UTK Full Body Infrared Mat

I have a well documented love affair with infrared heat. From standing saunas to blankets, I love the feeling of being cocooned in radiant heat. My relationship with this kind of heat eventually sent me in search of a way to bring it into my fitness practice without relying on a heated studio. That’s whenContinue reading “UTK Full Body Infrared Mat”