HABIBI Essential Bath Soak

When I first started teaching movement, I dove in head first with my primary focus on making the most of every pose and position. My excitement caused me to ignore the equally important practice of rehabilitation for your joints and muscles. It was only after I strained my right piriformis muscle, that I started payingContinue reading “HABIBI Essential Bath Soak”

UTK Full Body Infrared Mat

I have a well documented love affair with infrared heat. From standing saunas to blankets, I love the feeling of being cocooned in radiant heat. My relationship with this kind of heat eventually sent me in search of a way to bring it into my fitness practice without relying on a heated studio. That’s whenContinue reading “UTK Full Body Infrared Mat”

My Love Affair with Infrared Heat

I’ve been sweating in some form for as long as I can remember. From dance lessons to rigorous workouts to hot yoga, my body has been in some sort of physically elevated state since I was a child. I enjoy the feeling of warm temperatures in general (which is probably why I live in aContinue reading “My Love Affair with Infrared Heat”