Fairies & Truffles

If you know anything about me, you know I’m always looking for new and more accessible ways to optimize wellness on both the inside and the outside. During the summer of 2022, I started working with truffles – specifically in relation to skincare – because of their impressive hydrating and plumping properties. With the half-centuryContinue reading “Fairies & Truffles”

Calm Down (irritated skin)

My words on this matter are purely anecdotal; I don’t assume that what works for my skin (oily/dehydrated, mature, acne prone) will also work on or for other people. I’ve come to rely on three (maybe four) products in the event that my skin gets irritated. My skin complains are usually due to prolonged exposureContinue reading “Calm Down (irritated skin)”

The luxury skincare item you didn’t know you needed…

Shall I hang my head in shame as I type this? No, I shall not. I shall not be swayed to feel any kind of way about the reality that… despite the fact that I have a nerd-level understanding of skincare and ingredients (not to mention that I manufacture my own)… I have nothing butContinue reading “The luxury skincare item you didn’t know you needed…”

Re’Juice and Rejoice!

I only have one complaint: I need these products to be more widely available! I stumbled upon Re’Juice masks while researching tamarind and its effects on the skin (I told you, I’m always in education mode with skincare and wellness in general). Re’Juice (from the brand Ohiohoo) hails from the Republic of Korea, with justContinue reading “Re’Juice and Rejoice!”

Non-HABIBI Skincare Favorites

Many people assume that just because I manufacture skincare, that I have no interest in other brands or products. Absolutely untrue. First of all, it’s a great way to stay abreast of the latest ingredients, textures and performance quotients on the market. Second, I’m always down to support a brand that delivers on its promises,Continue reading “Non-HABIBI Skincare Favorites”