L’Occitane Honey Incense Dupe

I’m sure that I’m the only one excited about this… Millions of years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth, I moved to Los Angeles. It was three years before I started my first company, and I was thirsty for all bath and body products that promoted self care in the best way. My search tookContinue reading “L’Occitane Honey Incense Dupe”

My Sanctuary & Expedition Subsahara

This is one of those companies that I discovered in the height of the pandemic. While the world was trying to figure out how to balance quarantine and functionality, I decided to make my home more of a sanctuary since… let’s face it… I was gonna be confined to it until further notice. Expedition SubsaharaContinue reading “My Sanctuary & Expedition Subsahara”

Candle Obsessions: Round 1

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a candle snob. I don’t like to receive candles as gifts, because with the exception of a handful of people, most people get candle selections for me very wrong. I prefer to sample, smell and purchase my own candles. I’ve been this way forever. It’s my thing.Continue reading “Candle Obsessions: Round 1”