The Benefits of Scalp Massage

Every time I look up, there’s some new hair care product on the market promising to do the one thing that consumers want more than anything: stimulate healthy hair growth. There is no shortage of shampoos, conditioners, elixirs and oils that promise to grow hair long and strong. If you’re one of the millions whoContinue reading “The Benefits of Scalp Massage”

Skin Saviors: The Oils

I am a huge fan of oils. I use them from head to toe (literally) and swap out different oils based on the seasons and my personal needs. Some of them (like avocado oil) are heavier and perfect for the wintertime, while others (like kalahari melon) are lighter and absorb more easily and help harmonizeContinue reading “Skin Saviors: The Oils”

Tan Mujiang & Hair Health

Hair health is extremely important to me. In fact, if you’ve been in my orbit for any amount of time, you’d know that several years ago, Habibi Body offered a few hair care products. We ended up pulling them for several reasons. One was because we hadn’t quite nailed the natural preservative ratio. And theContinue reading “Tan Mujiang & Hair Health”