Full face of Hermes (and a rant)

Okay, maybe not a FULL face (because they don’t make mascara… yet). But with the exception of mascara (Victoria Beckham), everything else is Hermes. So which do you want first? The makeup or the rant? Let’s start with the makeup: It’s good right? Okay, to be honest, most of that is probably really good lightingContinue reading “Full face of Hermes (and a rant)”

Rituel de Fille tries something new

Alchemic makeup brand Rituel de Fille is most likely described as niche; the formulations are interesting and expressive, but they do take some commitment in practical application. The clue is in the name: Ritual of Girls. The sister trio behind the brand sees both the creation of the product and the application as more ofContinue reading “Rituel de Fille tries something new”